❓ || Why Base?

Citadel opted for the Base Network due to its strong security, cost-efficiency, and its adeptness in supporting decentralized applications (dApps). Functioning as an economical Ethereum L2 solution nurtured by Coinbase, the Base Network offers robust security, scalability, and a seamless entry point for both users and assets migrating from Ethereum L1, Coinbase, and other interconnected chains.

These characteristics align with Citadel's mission of furnishing a user-focused and economically effective decentralized trading platform. Moreover, the Base Network's cost-effective EVM configuration and privileged access to progressive Ethereum functionalities empower Citadel to minimize trading fees and deliver an exceptional trading experience. Its partnership with Coinbase provides entry to an extensive user community, uncomplicated fiat entryways, and an array of valuable products, positioning Citadel advantageously for its journey to become the leading protocol of Base Layer 2.

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