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We are recruiting brave and valid community members to help Citadel's ecosystem grow and become the largest Base-native ecosystem! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our community in a new and exclusive way! Apply to become an Ambassador and prove to us that you are worth the cause! Apply here!


Citadel's Ambassadors need to have a community of a certain size and quality and need to be willing to cooperate with Citadel's team to be eligible for the Role. We take into account and evaluate when considering an Ambassador proposal the following metrics:

  • The number of community groups

  • Community size

  • Community Quality

It is not mandatory to own a large community to become an Ambassador, for us community quality is equally important as community size.

Rewards Structure

The main factors we are taking into account are the following:

  • Content Quality

  • Community Size

Content Quality

For obvious reasons, content quality will be the most important parameter we take into account. We evaluate your content based on a lot of factors which combined will give us a number ranging between 0-10. You will be able to check the evaluation in a separate Google sheet file. The sum of each activity evaluation will be your final score. Each activity will be also followed by a comment where we try to explain what you did wrong and what you nailed. We also want to reward good-quality content over bad-quality content and for this reason, every content rated above 7 will have a multiplier.

Community Size

This category will also be represented by a numerical coefficient strictly correlated with the total number of members in your communities.

  • 3k-5k members: x1

  • 5k-10k members: x1.2

  • 10k-30k members: x1.5

  • 30k+ members: x2

For the final evaluation, the formula will be the following:

(Content quality final score) x (community size coefficient)

The output of the formula will be your FINAL evaluation. Each ambassador will have his own score, which will correspond to a specific amount in $FORT

Content-to-points conversion table

Content-typePoints range









Ambassadors will be paid on a bi-weekly basis in $FORT ( starting from TGE ), based on their final evaluation score, which will depend on the parameters above.

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